I look for engineers

Independent engineers who offer technical solutions and of personnel in the scope of engineering

… so that they write up projects.

Projects If you look for help to write up projects, planes, or any type of report, study, supplement, measurement, licitation, expert work… what you need! ; we are you solution. We offer an ample range to you of services of engineering to your measurement and the best price.
Ponnos on approval!

Projects of Engineering

… so that they work in my company.

I look for professional engineer to contract it in my company If you want to have highly qualified workers, responsible and with desire to work; it has us. We offer our advising to you as engineers and a portfolio of professionals that will adapt at any moment to your needs.
Gave us what you need!

Portfolio of professionals

Help to businessmen

Analysis and improvements in the productivity of the companies

1 Organization of resources

We analyze from an objective point of view and external the structure and the yield of the human resources of your company and we offer concrete measures to you to optimize its operation.

Communication and management in the human resources of your company

Communication and management in the human resources of your company

2 productive Procedures

We establish computer science standards, in Excel mainly, to improve the productivity establishing clear tasks and responsibilities to the workers, as well as an interface for the clear and friendly user.

We realise and we improved the Excel tables of the company

We realise and we optimized Excel tables of procedures

Reasons to work with Allied Engineering


1 detailed Budgets right away.

We establish commitments and estimated detailed and concrete in less than 48 hours, q allows to adapt clearly to the needs of the Client as well as to the evolution of the offered works.

2 Velamos by the fulfillment of our commitments.

We think that seriousness and responsibility must be our main distinction if we want to receive the same treatment on the part of the Client. For that reason we put all our persistence and all the necessary one to fulfill our commitments.

3 Finished the work, our work does not finalize.

We have overcoming eagerness and we create in the continuous capacity of improvement; for this reason, we took a pursuit of the works carried out. We were interested in the degree of satisfaction of the Client, as well as to know possible and new actions improvement for following orders.

4 Prices competitive

We are professionals who we invested our work in the company, not only our money. We did not look for discharges yields an investment, but to only gain the life with our formation and our work. For this reason, our prices are competitive and reasonable.

5 total Implication in the project

We like to imply us to the 100% in which we do, for this reason, we accepted only orders in which we can do it.

6 Only interlocutor

The interlocution with the Client is realised by means of an only spokesman, person in charge of the order, endorsed and advised by experts of a great variety of disciplines with which we worked.

Really, we worked for you. In order to offer a satisfactory service to him, efficient and economic. It does not doubt in sharing with us his responsibility, we will not defraud to him! 96274001 – info@allied-engineering.com

How we worked

We take to end, the integrated Management of projects and construction (Project & Construction management). From the solid experience, we as much offer to our Clients services of engineering with which we can, in a project realised by us, as in one external one, to help to as much obtain to the maximum balance and control him of the cost, as of the quality and the implementation time of the same.
In the scope of the projects of engineering and consultancy, we included from orders of ample planning and budget, that include diverse branches of engineering, until very concrete and occasional orders, devoid of planning, that resolves exception situations. To see as we worked >>

Who we are

Allied Engineering.es we are a group of independent professionals of diverse branches of engineering that we worked common to offer solutions in the scope of the construction, trains and environment. We are engineers with resisted experience, with illusion and that we like the work that we realised.
We have an important portfolio of collaborator, that it allows us to offer the type to him of works and professionals whom it is looking for. We carry out a strict control and pursuit of all the activities that we took to end, thus assuring as much its quality, as the satisfaction of the Client at any moment. To know more about us >>


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