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How to be efficient in your daily tasks:

It creates and it organizes professional and personal tasks.

It knows how many hours to the day you must be planned.

“Nothing is especially difficult, if the divimos in small tasks. H. Ford”

It creates a project

In the leaf “Projects” add a project to the listing.

It creates a task

It introduces his characteristics: project, name, anticipated date of accomplishment, comparative or proritario value, estimated times for its accomplishment and possible observations. When this all done correctly, the button beats “To keep task”. In order to create another one, “New Task” presses the button and repeats the previous steps.

Elije the task to realise

It moves the “x” of column B to the task that you want to realise at this moment. Also you can write a new “x” and erase the existing one.

It registers a working time

>” of the left corner presses the button play “superior and a chronometer in the leaf “Times” will start up. When you change or you finish the selected task, stop presses the button “

In order to keep the registered time rec presses the button “

●”. In the column “real Hour”, it will appear then this registry.

You productivity

In the leaf “Analysis” you could be seeing graphically the distribution and the average value of the planned hours. The red line represents the expectable tendency of the delayed hours, being based on the existing registry in the leaf “Tasks” of the hours delayed against the planned ones until the moment. If she is negative, it agrees to fall, for the new tasks, the hours of the daily tasks planned not to increase the delays.

You hour forecast
Just underneath, the estimated times by task, faced the needed real hours imagine. The red line represents the accumulated difference between both. If she is positive, evidence that we really assigned less previous hours to the tasks of the necessary ones.

It before matters to You to invite us to a coffee?
in this way we commit ourselves to two things:

1. To help you every day to work a little better by means of “My programmed tasks”.

2. To invite to you to comprise of the Support online of “My programmed tasks” (via email and Linkedin) to continue improving the table with your desires and possible doubts, as well as to send new versions free of charge to you.

Price: 1,95€
21% IVA Including.

When you realise the payment from Paypal you have to clicar in the connection that says “To return to Allied Engineering” and automatically you will redigirá yourself to the unloading page.
If you have problems to unload the file sends an email to us to and we will send the direct file to you. Thanks.

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