Who we are

WELCOMES. Allied Engineering are a group of independent professionals who offers technical solutions and of personnel in the scope of engineering.

We are engineers with resisted experience, with illusion and that we like the work that we realised. We have an important portfolio of collaborator, that it allows us to offer the type to him of works and professionals whom it is looking for. We carry out a strict control and pursuit of all the activities that we took to end, thus assuring as much its quality, as the satisfaction of the Client at any moment.

Our form of work, focuses to develop ingenieriles solutions with I devise, that optimize the resources and accelerate their development, all this, with a cost balanced, logical and justified.

Our work party, is not only a great human resource. We are professionals whom we like to work as much respecting our profession, as to the Client and our companions.

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Allied Engineering owns a flexible organization and who adapted constantly to the market and the demand of our Clients to thus fulfill its own objectives of the most efficient form. As representing maximum and manager of the company we have an Engineer superior with responsible experience to direct and to manage the resources of the company (General director). Other two engineers superiors will be responsible respectively for the area of projects and the area of professionals (Director of projects and Director of professionals), to guarantee their good operation and to analyze the tendencies of the market.
To each one of the mentioned areas and each developed activity (architecture, industry and energy, environment, builds civilian, topography, delineation, etc.) he has himself the corresponding people in charge (Head of the area of projects of architecture and Head of the area of professional architects, as example). These people in charge can rotate in their position based on the needs of the company and they are in charge to appoint to the people in charge and interlocutors of each order, Heads of project, as well as to plan and to organize, together the Head of the area of human resources our Portfolio of collaborator.


General director

is the one in charge of the direction of the company. One is a professional with great ability to work, sense of the responsibility and leadership that will cause that your order goes ahead satisfactorily. He is civil Engineer with experience as much in the writing of projects as in the management of human and material resources.
General director
Allied Engineering

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How we worked

We take to end, the integrated Management of projects and construction (Project & Construction management). From the solid experience, we as much offer to our Clients services of engineering with which we can, in a project realised by us, as in one external one, to help to as much obtain to the maximum balance and control him of the cost, as of the quality and the implementation time of the same.
In the scope of the projects of engineering and consultancy, we included from orders of ample planning and budget, that include diverse branches of engineering, until very concrete and occasional orders, devoid of planning, that resolves exception situations.

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